Who are Orbit Roulette and what is the "Web Stake Calculator"

We are releasing our "Web Stake Calculator" tool to the betting market. This project is the result of 5 years developing and giving life to a tool that will change the way you bet.

Before this project started the "Web Stake Calculator" was a labour of love by its creator - it started life 20+ years ago as a manual tool (as in pen and paper) to manage staking in dog races.

Over the years with much intensive development it has emerged as a tool to be used for all sports staking - its a big list and includes:-

  • Roulette - we target Evens and 2/1 stakes
  • Football - we like to bet on home/away/draw, 2.5 over and under
  • Sports - any sports betting - Rugby, Ice Hockey, American Football
  • Horse Racing - we play in backing and laying using both bookies and the markets
  • Greyhounds

At the moment though we are only offering our tool for use with your Roulette staking

The "Web Stake Calculator" uses sophisticated Recovery Prediction and Risk Analysis algorithms to ensure that over the time of your betting sequences you will emerge in profit. It is key to the management of your betting bank - too many people fail because these precautions are not in place.

The "Web Stake Calculator" tool can be tailored to meet your budget and aspirations, and levels the playing field when it comes to your betting.

Take our FREE TRIAL -  click here, we think you will not be disappointed and you too can enjoy a winning strategy

Just before we leave you - please remember if you try your hand at Roulette, there is no guarantee so do not play with anymore than you can afford !

The Orbit Roulette team

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