Get the stake you need to win!



Q) If your Staking Tool is so good - why are you making it available ?

Why not ? we think we can take up to 500 users on a journey to making real profit - without affecting bookmakers or markets

Q) Will you make an off line version of your Staking Tool available ?

No - our tool is so good, we need to be in control, and the best way to do that is to not allow it to be installed locally

Q) Can I use the Staking Tool on a mobile phone ?

The answer is yes, tablets are fine, mobiles work but it will be better when we upload our mobile friendly pages

Q) Can I bet more that the Staking Tool tells me ?

We do not recommend that, our recovery and predication algorithms, are based on your bank, if you bet outside those parameters you RISK losing your money. Better to contact us about increasing your bank size

Q) I want to bet on Racing now, I dont want to bet on Roulette - can I ?

No, as we have said we are looking for people who want to WIN, we do not want punters who only live for the thrill. We believe by joining us on this journey we will find the right people rather than just anyone