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Thank you for your interest in our site, let's get down to business - what is our Roulette Web Staking tool?

Our Roulette Web Staking tool is designed to help you make a profit from your betting (as are all of our tools, but we are focussing on Roulette here) and that is exactly what it will achieve. As with all betting plans you must have a starting bank (aka a kitty). Without this bank you should not enter into betting.

There is an age old saying “Money makes money”, and this is very true.

This is a good place to point out, that if you are a "Gambler" and you love the "thrill of the chase" - then you are probably not the sort of person we want to work with - sorry.

We do not try to win large sums of money (although if your bank is big enough you could), we simply try to win you regular amounts of money (based upon your bank and advised staking), this will build up your bank and once big enough you can then win larger amounts.

Why do we only try to win you small amounts? Well if you have played roulette before you will have experienced the long losing runs that occur, our staking tool is designed to help you overcome that. You may not understand the logic of the staking but once you have tried it and found that it works - we suggest you just place the bets and do not ask how it works.

We want to work with you, if you do not make money - how can we? We do reserve the right to exclude anyone who does not play fair with us - please see out Terms and Conditions.

Take our FREE TRIAL offer and judge for yourself. This is our "Introductory" offer - so what have you got to lose?

The Orbit Staking team

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